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Born: November 23, 1979

Birthplace: Rochester, Kent

Current residence:


Measurements: 34" (86 cm), 24" (61 cm), 34" (86 cm)

Education: 9 GCSEs, (English, English Literature, Maths, History, Geography, Biology, Drama, Media Studies and French)

Interesting facts: engaged with Jason Statham


From the beginning, Kelly's career looked promising when she won a prestigious place at London's Italia Conti stage school at 17. But her mum Sandra, a cook and dad Ken, a scaffolder couldn't afford the fees when her application for a grant was turned down.
She started doing some modelling for local firms, including flooring company KMC, while supporting herself as a waitress in a local tea shop.
Finally, after being discovered by the Daily Star, then appearing in various UK men's magazines, she appeared in a TV ad for Sure deodorant with Jonathan Ross, where she played the game show hostess "Nicky with the Ticky".
Her career really took off when she was announced as the successor to Denise Van Outen on Channel 4's excellent morning show, The Big Breakfast. Since February 1st, Kelly's face has become one of the best reasons to get out of bed in the morning. Many doubted whether she would fit in alongside Johnny Vaughan quite as easily as her predecessor, but she has since proved herself completely up to the task.
While on holidays with her boyfriend towards the end on July 1999, news reports circulated that Kelly's position as presenter of the Big Breakfast was to be terminated. Rather than face the sack or find herself in a negative position on the show, Kelly decided to resign.
With time now on her hands, Kelly decided to spend more time with her boyfriend, while also on the lookout for a job. Quickly Kelly became a model for Triumph International Underware, and an image of her was placed on a poster in London, which went on record for being the largest advertising billboard in England, if not the world.
Always on the lookout for beautiful presenters, Kelly also soon found herself presenting MTV Select on MTV UK and Ireland, apost which she still currently resides and is doing extremely well.


+ The Big Breakfast
+ MTV Select
+ Smallville

+ Sorted
+ Ripper


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