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Born: May 11, 1978

Birthplace: Pont-Audemer, France

Current residence:

Height: 5´7" (1.71 m)

Measurements: 34.5" (88 cm), 23.5" (60 cm), 34.5" (88 cm)


Interesting facts:



Laetitia Maria Laure Casta was born on May 11, 1978 in Port-Audemer in Normandy, France. Her childhood was spent in Normandy's countryside -- playing in the rivers and the woods with her older brother. Back then, she was such a tomboy that she was often mistaken for a little boy.

Today, Laetitia represents an ideal feminine beauty. Standing only 5'7", with a curvy frame, she has little in common with typical waif models. She says, "When I began as a model, everybody tried to remold me: I was too fat, too little, they tried to re-shape my teeth -- I am very proud that I have stayed as I was. And there is a beautiful thing which is wonderful, to look like a woman, not a green bean."

When she was fifteen, Laetitia was discovered while vacationing with her family on a beach in Corsica. She was making sand castles with her little sister when a photographer and model booker for Madison Models approached her. They handed her father a business card and an invitation to bring his daughter to Paris for some test shots. Suspicious at first, her parents eventually caved to Laetitia's pleas.

Within weeks of her first shoot, she was walking the runway for Jean Paul Gaultier. Having never worn make-up, she screamed when she caught her reflection in the mirror. By the time turned sixteen, she had landed three magazine covers. On a trip to Paris in 1994, Paul Marciano saw her photos and launched her career in the United States as a GUESS? Girl. Since then, she's remained a featured model in all GUESS? campaigns to date and completed editorial work for most of the major designers.

One of the most popular new models, Laetitia ranked second in Maxim Magazine's "50 Most Beautiful Women" issue. She made her big screen debut in a French film, Asterix et Obelix with co-star Gerard Depardieu. Recently, she appeared in the controversial Chris Isaak video for "Baby Did a Bad, Bad Thing," shot by Herb Ritts. Her future plans include publishing a book of photographs and stories or possibly more acting roles. For now, she concentrates on her modeling career, hoping to one day marry and raise a large family.

Until she turned 21, Laetitia lived at home with her parents. Now she shares an apartment in London with her older brother, Jean-Baptiste. Her favorite activities include painting, writing, rollerblading, going to the cinema, go-carting with her brother and dancing to disco music. Proving not to be just a pretty face, Laetitia holds a brown belt in Judo.

Probably the most famous Laetitia quote comes from designer Vivienne Westwood, who stated, "I don't believe in God, but when I see Laetitia, I might change my mind."



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