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Kylie Ann Minogue


Previous Kylie Minogue

Born: 28 May 1968

Birthplace: Melbourne

Current residence: London, England

Height: 5'1" (1.53 m)


Education: HSC

Interesting facts: her first job was in a video rental shop



Kylie was born into a safe, secure and typical middle-class Australian family. However, the Kylie story really starts thousands of miles from Melbourne, in Maesteg, Wales. It was from Maesteg, in 1955 that Dennis and Millie Jones decided to emigrate to Melbourne. They took with them their four children, Jean, Carol, Suzette and Noel. Carol at this time was 11.
Carol met a young accountant, called Ron Minogue and they eventually married. When Carol was 24, she gave birth to her first child, Kylie Ann. As Kylie was growing up, when she was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she said, "Probably famous", like every other kid. She and sister Dannii used to "prance around the bedroom" pretending to be Abba. Kylie always wanted to be Agnetha, the blonde one.
Carol always encouraged her children to express themselves, but according to Kylie was never the pushy type. Carol confesses that she doesn't know how the girls got their fantastic singing voices because she says she can't sing a note!
Dannii has gone on the be a star in her own right with 13 hit singles (3 top 10) and 3 hit albums to her name. Their brother, Brendan, is a film cameraman.
Kylie first made her name in Australia in the television series "The Henderson Kids" but it was in "Neighbours" she really found fame. The most watched episode of the series was when her character, Charlene Mitchell, married Scott Robinson (played by Jason Donovan).
She left Neighbours in 1988 after appearing in 542 episodes to concentrate on her music career. This side of her career had started when she sang "The Locomotion" at an Aussie Rules Grand Final. She was spotted by someone from Mushroom records and she recorded the song. It became a massive hit in Australia. She was then picked up Stock, Aitken and Waterman who eventually released "I Should Be So Lucky" on their own PWL label after it had been turned down by all the major labels.
She is in the Guinness Book of Records for having the best start to a Chart Career when her first thirteen singles all went into the top 10, the first eleven of which went into the top 4. Her first single, "I Should Be So Lucky", written by the hit writing trio, Stock, Aitken And Waterman, went to Number 1 in 18 countries throughout the world, and stayed at the top in Britain for 5 weeks.
Her last Number 1 of the Nineties was "Tears On My Pillow" which featured in the movie "The Delinquents". It went to Number 1 on January 27th, 1990. She finally made Number 1 again 20 singles and ten years later on 25th June, 2000.
She has duetted with Jason Donavan, Keith Washington and Nick Cave and has also done vocals on hits for The Visionmasters and Towa Tei.
She has the fastest selling debut album for a female artist with her album "Kylie", released in 1988 on the PWL label. She was also the youngest female to top the album charts.
She has also starred in such movies as "The Delinquents" with Charlie Schlatter and "Street Fighter" alongside Jean-Claude Van Damme.
When Kylie was 11, she was given the chance to appear on national television. She had just finished primary school, and she was offered the chance to audition for a part in the long-running soap, The Sullivans. Dannii was also invited along. Kylie got the part of Carla and had to speak in a Dutch accent, which Kylie herself admits she wasn't very good at!
At the same time as appearing in The Sullivans, Kylie also appeared in an episode of Skyways, which was a series that didn't last very long. In Kylie's own words, "It was dreadful!". However, playing her brother in Skyways was a young man who was to play a central part in Kylie's life. He was called Jason Donovan.
Kylie went back to school, where she finished her HSC. During this time, though, she still found time to appear in the mini-series', "Fame And Fortune" and "The Zoo Family". In 1986, Kylie auditioned for the part of Charlotte Kernow (who was known as Char) in the series "The Henderson Kids". The character was remarkably similar to Charlene, the character she played in "Neighbours".
Even though she had made a big impression on television, Kylie still wasn't sure whether she actually wanted to stay in acting once she left school. "I would have made a great secretary," says Kylie, "because I love organising things!". She believed that she would leave school, get married and have an "proper job." Carol never pressured Kylie into going to auditions, it was just something that came up. However, just a few months after her exams, she was called to audition for the role of Charlene in "Neighbours".
"I Should Be So Lucky" was the start of an amazing recording career. Her next 12 singles all went into the top 6 in Britain, including 4 number ones. Her third single was a SAW rerecording of the song that had made her name as a singer, "The Locomotion". She had 18 hits in total for Stock, Aitken and Waterman and then decided that it was time to branch out in her career and try a more "adult" sound. She signed for Deconstruction, the label that had a number one hit in 1989 with "Ride On Time" by Black Box.
In 1998, Kylie was released by her record label Deconstruction. This gave her a bit of time to do other things whilst looking around for a new label.
Towards the end of 1998, Kylie did a very succesful world tour which was released in both CD and Video format and was called "Kylie - Intimate And Live". It won rave reviews with the media saying that it was her best tour ever.
In 1999, Kylie did a promotional campaign for designer outlet H&M.
Also in 1999, she released a book about herself, titled simply "Kylie". It was mainly an "art" book, featuring loads of photographs throughout the years, and lots of "arty" type photos. It also featured articles and interviews with such people as the Pet Shop Boys and Pete Waterman.
Towards the end of 1999, Kylie signed up with a new record label, Parlophone. This marked the start of her comeback in the music industry, having not released a single under her own name since "Breathe" in March 1998.
Kylie's first single of the new Millennium was called "Spinning Around" and was released In June 2000. This single went straight into Number 1 and gave Kylie her first Chart Topper for ten years. It came from the album "Light Years" which was only kept off the top spot in the album chart by Madonna's "Music" which was released on the very same day!
October 2001 was a very special time for Kylie. She topped the UK charts simultaneously in all the formats it was possible to do so in. "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" was top of the singles charts, "Fever" was top of the album charts, "Kylie - Live In Sydney" was top of the video charts and "Moulin Rouge" in which Kylie played a green fairy called Absynthe was top of the movie charts!


+ The Henderson Kids (as Charlotte Kernow)
+ Neighbours (as Charlene)
+ The Sullivans (as Carla)
+ Skyways
+ Fame And Fortune
+ The Zoo Family

+ The Delinquents (1990)
+ Street Fighter
+ Moulin Rouge (2001)



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