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Born: September 10, 1973

Birthplace: Asten, Holland

Current residence:




Interesting facts: Married with William Rutten



Almost from the minute she could walk, she has been busy with singing and dancing. And at the age of four Nance joined the local ballet, called the Dinky Dancers. The first two years she danced classic ballet but from the age of six she preformed pop-ballet. And, like anything she does, she did this with so much passion she became the "Miss Dinky Dancer 1984". A milestone, which made her to want more. Not only dancing but also singing became a goal of her.
Only 15 years old, Nance was discovered in a disco, a local DJ introduced her to Ruud van Reijen. And before she know she stood next to Captain Hollywood en became one of the members of Twenty 4 Seven. They, together with Hanks & Jacks, were one of the first Eurodance-acts. After Captain Hollywood left the band, things became very quiet around Nance. After a job in a supermarket producer Ruud van Reijen asked Nance, if she still would be a part of Twenty 4 Seven, Nance agreed and reŽntered the stage, this time with Stay-C. But the first year with Stay-C stayed quiet.
But in 1993, about a year after Stay-C entered Twenty 4 Seven, they became popular all over the world. Nance just reached the age of twenty when Slave to the music entered the charts all over the world. So before she became 21 she saw half the world and visited more countries than I ever will be able to remember.
During the first months in 1995 things went wrong around Twenty 4 Seven. During this months everyone denied the argues, but they decided to be quiet for a while. In this time Nance looked beyond Twenty 4 Seven, she presented a TV-program on RTL 5 (a Dutch TV-channel). In this show, called Liefde is... (Love is...), a boy and girl were coupled by Love Is... strips. These boy and girl were chosen out of 200 (!) Dutch youths, and Nance had to keep them under control. I can guarantee you, that ainít easy. Unfortunately this program stopped after one season, while the youths, the people this show was mend for, were positive about it.
During one of the many photo-sessions, Nance met pop-photographer William Rutten. And after his words: "Smile, please...", Nance didnít stop smiling anymore. And on the 4th of May Nance and William got married. And Nance Coolen became Nance Rutten.
Because Nance had a contract with Twenty 4 Seven till July 1996, things became very quiet around Nance: no new single, no new program, just silence. Well, accept for all the gossip. Many gossip magazins in Holland suddenly wrote about them. Between August 1995 and July 1996 no new material has been released, in many interviews she said new material would be released sone, but that didn't happen. The contract with Twenty 4 Seven didn't allow neither Stay-C nor Nance to release new singles. But Nance didn't lay down. She had some songs, which are also on the single Love is... and together with a Twenty 4 Seven Remix the performed very much. And Nance never totally disappeared, on stage solo, she co-hosted some TV-shows. Also she made some solo songs like He's my favorite DJ. She missed no oppertunity to show very one Nance still existed. But now she isn't singing anymore, she is a host of a tv-program.


+ Liefde is... (RTL 5)
+ Rappatongo (Tros)
+ Lingo


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